Monday, January 12, 2015

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Marriott Hotel Review

I stayed in this hotel in Sept. 2014.  I got this hotel from my Mariott points.

The hotel is very close to the airport. Since we just needed a place to stay for few hours before our flight to US, this was an ideal location.  We arrived there around 7:00, after checking in our room we drove to a nearby Aeorville Shoppingg Mall. There is supposed to be a shuttle from the hotel to the airport but the timing was not working for us and we still had our rental car so decided to drive.

The mall was closed but there were a lot of restaurants there were open, including an Indian Restaurant (my favorite).  I highly recommend checking out this mall if you are going to stay in this hotel or any hotel nearby.

When we arrived in our room around 10:00, we found out that our room was very hot and was not cooling. Turns out the AC was broken and even though they tired to fix it, it did not work. All this took about 2 hours to sort and it was already midnight.  They offered us another room, that was supposed to be an upgrade.  Not sure what the "upgrade" was because we did not find anything "upgraded" about that room.  Well we were able to sleep for about 5 hours and then rushed to airport for our flight at 9:00.

All in all, nice hotel, nice location but our experience was not so great.  I will give this hotel another try when I am back there.

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